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Re-Installation of
Gene Autry Case

Subject: Gene Autry Case in the Imagination Gallery at the Autry National Center

Date: November 20, 2009 to December 1, 2009

Photographer: Autry National Center Curator Jeffrey Richardson

Comments: Every now and then, museums will "refresh" exhibits to allow artifacts to rest and prevent damage that can happen to older items due to light exposure and humidity changes. In 2009 the Autry National Center changed out the Gene Autry case in the Imagination Gallery to give those items, such as Gene Autry's clothing and movie posters, a rest. This also lets the museum display pieces that fans want to see, such as Champion's famous gun bit. Curator Jeffrey Richardson worked with the Gene Autry Entertainment in selecting items for the case. The artifacts on display show the breadth of Gene's career and his many contributions to the entertainment industry. Jeffrey was kind enough to take photos so that fans could have a "behind the scenes look" at the re-installation of Gene Autry's case.

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