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When the famous "Hollywood" sign fell into disrepair in 1978, various entertainers agreed to buy a letter for $27,777.77. Gene bought the first "L."


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Love Songs

Released: 02/09/1999
Label: Varèse Sarabande Records

As Jackie Autry notes in the booklet for Love Songs, Gene was a romantic. Many of the songs from his feature films were love songs and this collection features 18 of the best. You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven, You Belong To My Heart, The One Rose, I'll Wait For You and other tunes are all digitally re-mastered from Gene's personal film archives and the original acetate recordings for the films.

The CD's eight-page booklet features an introduction by Jackie Autry plus rare movie stills. A truly tender collection of romantic recordings.

Track Listing

1. Ridin' Double (1:50)
(John Rox)
From Sioux City Sue, Republic Pictures
Released 11/21/46
Musical Supervisor Morton Scott
2. We Never Dream the Same Dream Twice (1:57)
(Gene Autry/Fred Rose)
Gene Autry with Ann Miller
From Melody Ranch, Republic Pictures
Released 11/15/40
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
3. The Girl in the Middle of My Heart (1:36)
(Walter Kent/Eddie Maxwell)
From Prairie Moon, Republic Pictures
Released 9/25/38
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
4. I'm Mad About You (1:31)
(Sam Stept/Ted Koehler)
From The Big Show, Republic Pictures
Released 11/16/36
Musical Supervisor Harry Grey
5. You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven (1:40)
(Gene Autry)
From Mexicali Rose, Republic Pictures
Released 3/27/39
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
6. You Belong to My Heart (1:28)
(Augustin Lara/Ray Gilbert)
From The Big Sombrero, Columbia Pictures
Released 3/49
Musical Supervisor Paul Mertz
7. Forgive Me (1:54)
(M. Ager/J. Yellen)
From Bells of Capistrano, Republic Pictures
Released 9/15/42
Musical Supervisor Morton Scott
8. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (2:01)
Gene Autry with Smiley Burnette
From Rhythm of the Saddle, Republic Pictures
Released 11/5/38
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
9. You Stole My Heart (1:41)
(Stanley Adams/Harry Sosnik)
From Saddle Pals, Republic Pictures
Released 6/15/47
Musical Supervisor Morton Scott
10. The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart) (1:08)
(Lani McIntire/Del Lyon)
From Boots and Saddles, Republic Pictures
Released 10/4/37
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
11. I'm Beginning to Care (1:13)
(Gene Autry/Johnny Marvin/Fred Rose)
From Man from Music Mountain, Republic Pictures
Released 8/15/38
Musical Director Cy Feuer
12. I Just Want You (1:29)
(Gene Autry/Johnny Marvin/Fred Rose)
From Blue Montana Skies, Republic Pictures
Released 5/4/39
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
13. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) (3:30)
(James Hodges)
From Sioux City Sue, Republic Pictures
Released 11/21/46
Musical Supervisor Morton Scott
14. I'll Wait For You (2:03)
(Gene Autry/Fred Rose)
From Heart of the Rio Grande, Republic Pictures
Released 3/11/42
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
15. You're the Moment of a Lifetime (1:52)
(Sergio Dekario/Ray Charles)
From Robin Hood of Texas, Republic Pictures
Released 7/15/47
Musical Supervisor Morton Scott
16. Girl of My Dreams (1:16)
(Sunny Clapp)
From South of the Border, Republic Pictures
Released 12/15/39
Musical Supervisor Raoul Kraushaar
17. Rocky Mountain Rose (2:09)
(M. K. Jerome/William Tracey)
From The Old Barn Dance, Republic Pictures
Released 1/29/38
Musical Supervisor Alberto Colombo
18. I'd Love to Wed (On the Prairie) (0:44)
(Barbara Burnette)
From The Sagebrush Troubadour, Republic Pictures
Released 11/25/35
Musical Director Abe Meyer

Notes & Background Information

The masters used for this package are from Gene Autry's personal archives and original acetate recordings.

Compilation Producers: Cary E. Mansfield and Karla Buhlman
Creative Consultant: Jackie Autry
Project Assistance: Alex Gordon
Digital Remastering: by Bob Fisher, Digital Domain
Art Direction: Howard Levine
Cover Photo: Gene Autry with Kay Hughes from The Big Show, 1936.

This compilation (P)1999 Gene Autry Entertainment ©1999 Varèse Sarabande Records, Inc. Released through the courtesy of Gene Autry Entertainment. All rights reserved. Manufactured by Varèse Sarabande Records, Inc., 11846 Ventura Blvd., Suite 130, Studio City, CA 91604. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Printed in the U.S.A. Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution, 10 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608.

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