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Fun Autry Fact:

By 1948, the Dell Publishing Company turned out over one million Gene Autry Comics each year.


1961: Gene Autry's personal collection of all of his films.

Motion Pictures – Alphabetical

Gene appeared in 93 feature films. Some of his best known movies are based on his hit records, including South of the Border (1939), Mexicali Rose (1939), Back in the Saddle (1941), The Last Round-Up (1947) and Strawberry Roan (1948).

This is Gene's full filmography. You can click on a title to view film information, see lobby cards or view movie stills.

Alphabetical Listing of Gene Autry's Feature Films

This is an alphabetical listing of Gene's full filmography. You can click on a title to view film information, see lobby cards or view movie stills.

Film Title Year Availability
Apache Country 1952 DVD
Back in the Saddle 1941 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Barbed Wire 1952 DVD
Bells of Capistrano 1942 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Beyond the Purple Hills 1950 DVD
Big Show, The 1936 DVD, Streaming
Big Sombrero, The 1949 DVD, Streaming
Blazing Sun, The 1950 DVD
Blue Canadian Rockies 1952 DVD, Streaming
Blue Montana Skies 1939 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Boots and Saddles 1937 DVD, Streaming
Call of the Canyon 1942 DVD, Streaming
Carolina Moon 1940 DVD
Colorado Sunset 1939 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Comin' Round the Mountain 1936 DVD, Streaming
Cowboy and the Indians, The 1949 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Cowboy Serenade 1942 DVD, Streaming
Cow Town 1950 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Down Mexico Way 1941 DVD, Streaming
Gaucho Serenade 1940 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Gene Autry and the Mounties 1951 DVD
Git Along Little Dogies 1937 DVD, Streaming
Gold Mine in the Sky 1938 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Goldtown Ghost Riders 1953 DVD
Guns and Guitars 1936 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Heart of the Rio Grande 1942 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Hills of Utah 1951 DVD
Home in Wyomin' 1942 DVD, Streaming
Home on the Prairie 1939 DVD, Streaming
In Old Monterey 1939 DVD, Streaming
In Old Santa Fe 1934 -
Indian Territory 1950 DVD
Last of the Pony Riders 1953 DVD
Last Round-Up, The 1947 DVD, Streaming
Loaded Pistols 1949 DVD, Streaming
Man from Music Mountain 1938 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1937 -
Melody Ranch 1940 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Melody Trail 1935 DVD, Streaming
Mexicali Rose 1939 DVD, Streaming
Mountain Rhythm 1939 DVD, Streaming
Mule Train 1950 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Mystery Mountain 1934 -
Night Stage to Galveston 1952 DVD
Oh, Susanna! 1936 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Old Barn Dance, The 1938 DVD, Streaming
Old Corral, The 1936 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Old West, The 1952 DVD
On Top of Old Smoky 1953 DVD
Pack Train 1953 DVD
Phantom Empire, The 1935 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Prairie Moon 1938 DVD, Streaming
Public Cowboy No. 1 1937 DVD, Streaming
Rancho Grande 1940 DVD, Streaming
Red River Valley 1936 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Rhythm of the Saddle 1938 DVD, Streaming
Ride, Ranger, Ride 1936 DVD, Streaming
Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride 1940 DVD, Streaming
Riders in the Sky 1949 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Riders of the Whistling Pines 1949 DVD, Streaming
Ridin' on a Rainbow 1941 DVD, Streaming
Rim of the Canyon 1949 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Robin Hood of Texas 1947 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm 1937 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Round-Up Time in Texas 1937 DVD
Rovin' Tumbleweeds 1939 DVD, Streaming
Saddle Pals 1947 DVD, Streaming
Sagebrush Troubadour, The 1935 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Saginaw Trail 1953 DVD
Shooting High 1940 DVD, Streaming
Sierra Sue 1941 DVD, Streaming
Silver Canyon 1951 DVD
Singing Cowboy, The 1936 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Singing Hill, The 1941 DVD, Streaming
Singing Vagabond, The 1935 DVD
Sioux City Sue 1946 DVD, Streaming
Sons of New Mexico 1950 DVD, Streaming
South of the Border 1939 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Springtime in the Rockies 1937 DVD, Streaming
Stardust on the Sage 1942 DVD, Streaming
Strawberry Roan, The 1948 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Sunset in Wyoming 1941 DVD, Streaming
Texans Never Cry 1951 DVD
Trail to San Antone 1947 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Tumbling Tumbleweeds 1935 DVD, DVD, Streaming
Twilight on the Rio Grande 1947 DVD, Streaming
Under Fiesta Stars 1941 DVD, Streaming
Valley of Fire 1951 DVD
Wagon Team 1952 DVD
Western Jamboree 1938 DVD, VHS, Streaming
Whirlwind 1951 DVD
Winning of the West 1953 DVD
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge 1937 DVD, Streaming

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