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Known as America's Favorite Singing Cowboy, Gene Autry's career spanned some 70 years in the entertainment industry. He became famous in radio, records, film, television, and live tour performances including rodeo. From the late 1920s through the early 1950s, Gene Autry recorded and wrote hundreds of songs; he was the most successful singing cowboy, appearing in 93 movies and starring in 91 television productions. Gene Autry was ranked among the most celebrated film stars, and for years was considered to be the most popular Western film actor. In his later years, Gene Autry owned a television and radio station on the West Coast and was the original owner of the Angels Major League Baseball team.

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Gene Autry Activities and Events
Updated October 7, 2019

Mark your calendar and make plans to attend these upcoming Gene Autry events.

Gene Autry YouTube Clip of the Week
Posted October 14, 2019

This Saturday, October 19th the Autry Museum film series "What is a Western" will be a musical Western double feature with Gene Autry's The Big Show (1936) and Herb Jeffries' The Bronze Buckaroo (1939). Scroll down for details and ticket information. To get you excited for the screening, our Gene Autry YouTube Clip of the Week is Gene's performance of the cowboy classic "Ole Faithful" from The Big Show.

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What is a Western
Posted October 14, 2019


The Autry Museum of the American West’s film series "What is a Western" will showcase two classic singing cowboy musical Westerns on Saturday, October 19th at 1:30 p.m. The Double Feature includes Gene Autry’s 1936 film The Big Show and Herb Jeffries 1939 film The Bronze Buckaroo.

In The Big Show, filmed on location at the Texas Centennial, stunt-double Gene Autry must take the place of temperamental Western star Tom Ford (both played by Gene), leading to complications with girlfriends, studio executives, and gangsters. The screening will be introduced by Karla Buhlman, President of Gene Autry Entertainment.

Filmed on location at an African American dude ranch near Victorville, The Bronze Buckaroo was produced with a Black cast for African American theaters. The story features all the classic B Western tropes, with Herb Jeffries as singing cowboy Bob Blake who rides to the rescue of a kidnapped rancher friend. The Bronze Buckaroo will be introduced by Raul Guzman, Assistant Curator of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Visit the Autry Museum website for ticket information here.

Space is limited and Reservations are recommended.

Gene Autry Social Media
Updated October 7, 2019

Gene Autry connected with his fans during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s via letters, phone calls, official Fan Club magazines, and of course personal appearances. Today fans can connect with Gene's music, movies, and more via official Social Media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Gene Autry circa 1939

Gene Autry's 112th Birthday
Celebration at the Autry Museum

Posted September 26, 2019

Come celebrate Gene Autry's 112th birthday at the Autry Museum of the American West this Sunday, September 29th. The museum will have a special discounted rate for new memberships, offer 10% off Gene Autry merchandise from the Autry Museum Store, and have a complimentary slice of birthday cake! Enjoy guided docent tours of the museum and catch a Gene Autry film screening with introductions by Karla Buhlman, President of Gene Autry Entertainment. Details here

Ken Burns' Documentary "Country Music" on PBS
Updated September 26, 2019

The Ken Burns' documentary series "Country Music" aired in September on PBS and was a critical and popular success. If you missed this eight part telling of the story of country music from its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to the mega-concerts of the 1990s then you can catch up with steaming episodes or purchase DVD and Blu-ray sets. For details plus news articles and more, visit our special section here.

For the latest news articles, information and trailers on "Country Music" visit our special page here.

Western Music Expert Doug Green Revisits The Era Of The Singing Cowboy on NPR
Posted September 25, 2019

Douglas B. Green, better known by his stage name "Ranger Doug" lead singer of the Western musical group Riders in the Sky chats with NPR's Terry Gross about Western Music. Green wrote a book on singing cowboys and is featured in Ken Burns' new PBS series about country music. He says he fell in love with Western music from an early age: "It completely entranced me."

Listen to the half hour interview with music here

Warner Chappell Music Acquires
Gene Autry Music Group

Posted May 30, 2019

Warner Chappell Music today announced the acquisition of the four publishing companies comprising the Gene Autry Music Group. Together, these catalogues contain more than 1,500 songs. Included are timeless classics such as Autry's signature song, "Back In The Saddle Again," and the holiday favorite, "Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)," as well as the iconic classics "Just Walkin' In The Rain" and "You Belong To Me." In addition, Warner Chappell will be administering many of the Autry estate's master recordings to facilitate one-stop synchronization licensing.

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Always Your Pal: Gene Autry and His Fans at the Autry Museum
Updated May 24, 2019

The Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles, California debuted a special case earlier this year titled Always Your Pal: Gene Autry and His Fans. This new case features fan-created artworks and media, illustrating the many imprints that fans put on their hero. Gene Autry's face and name appear carefully crafted in leather, denim, mahogany, and even on sandpaper.

For Autry Museum information on this special case visit their website here.

View photos of the installation of the Always Your Pal: Gene Autry and His Fans case on our website here.

New YouTube Series from Gene Autry Entertainment "Presenting.....Gene Autry"
Posted March 4, 2019

The second episode of the new Gene Autry Entertainment series "Presenting.....Gene Autry" is now on the Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel. Ever wonder what inspired Gene to write the Christmas classic "Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)"? Watch "Presenting.....Gene Autry" Episode 2, "Christmas Songs" and learn first hand from Gene how this Christmas classic came to be plus he talks about his other big holiday hit, "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

The "Presenting.....Gene Autry" series is exclusively on the Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel. Created from the conversations between Gene Autry and his sidekick pal Pat Buttram from the 1980s The Nashville Network television series "Melody Ranch Theater," each episode covers a specific topic of Gene Autry's life and career. Read more on the series here.

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