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Gene tried to play the saxophone when he was a youngster. He finally gave up and turned successfully to the guitar.


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A Gathering of Guns: A Half Century History of TV Westerns (1949 – 2001)

Boyd Magers
Released June 2017
Western Clippings
461 Pages
B&W Photos

In over 450 pages, Western historian Boyd Magers covers the 50 year evolution of the Western on TV from 1949 to 2001. One hundred and ninety-six television Western series are presented chronologically and researched thoroughly including details on:

Nearly every series also includes quotes and anecdotes from the stars and guest stars. Plus:

Like Boyds’ previous Western books Westerns Women, Best of the Bad Men and Gene Autry Westerns, this new release is a must own for Western Film and Television enthusiasts. A Gathering of Guns is like no other book on TV Westerns!

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