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Fun Autry Fact:

According to a 1953 fan magazine estimate, if all the recordings that Gene sold were stacked one atop of the other, the pile would be 57 miles high.


Product Information

Gene Autry Centennial Artistry of Poland Glass Ornament

November 2006

Measures 4” x 3”

Celebrate the Gene Autry Centennial with this special handmade glass ornament! Lovingly reproduced from a 1940s photograph of Gene Autry and Champion, this new and elaborate glass ornament will be cherished by Gene Autry fans for years to come. The front features Gene Autry wearing a favorite flag bib shirt with Champion at his side. Depicted on the reverse side are his cowboy hat, favorite blue bird cowboy boots, D-45 Martin guitar, and his director’s chair.

Available exclusively through the Autry National Center, this unique ornament has been created through a collaborative effort with the Autry Museum, Gene Autry Entertainment, and the Artistry of Poland. Each elegant glass ornament is handmade, lavishly hand painted and arrives nestled in a red box featuring the official Gene Autry Centennial logo.

Gene Autry Centennial Ornament Box

You'll want one for your Christmas tree or to display year-round with your Gene Autry collection.