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Fun Autry Fact:

In the late 1930s, Gene turned down an offer of $3,000 to endorse a brand of cigarette.



Gene Autry's Hit Kit

Originally Released 1946
Posted November 2008

This song book, with "20 favorite songs Gene Autry Sings," was released by Gene Autry's Western Music Publishing Co. in 1946. The cover has a photo of Gene Autry and the original Hollywood address of the music company. In addition to the sheet music, this song book has introduction greeting from Gene and several pages of "doublespread pictures" in black and white of America's Favorite Cowboy, Gene Autry.

Sheet Music for the Following Songs

1. At Mail Call Today
2. Darling What More Can I Do
3. Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
4. I Want to Be Sure
5. I've Learned a Lot About Women
6. Lonely River
7. I'll Be Back
8. Rhythm of the Hoofbeats
9. The Old Trail
10. Address Unknown
11. Keep Rollin' Lazy Longhorns
12. Broomstick Buckaroo
13. Don't Live a Lie
14. Rocky Canyon
15. I'm a Cowpoke Pokin' Along
16. Silver Wings in the Moonlight
17. Yellow Rose of Texas
18. Down in the Land of Zulu
19. Have We Said Our Last Goodbye
20. After Tomorrow

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