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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene was the only officer in World War II allowed to wear cowboy boots with his uniform.


Record Information



33 1/3 LP Record Album
Pinto Records

Originally Released 1960
Posted November 2008

When Gene Autry was first making records in the 1930s, he recorded songs on several labels under different names. Many years down the road Pinto Records got the idea to put some of those recording together on a record album.

Track Listing

Side 1

  1. She's a Low Down Mama
    Jimmy Smith
  2. High Steppin' Mama Blues
    Gene Johnson
  3. Crossed-Eye Gal That Lived on the Hill
    Long Brothers
  4. I'll Be Thinking of You Little Girl
    Tom Long
  5. Stay Away from My Chicken House
    Jimmy Dodds
  6. My Oklahoma Home
    Sam Hill

Side 2

  1. A Gangster's Warning
    Overton Hatfield
  2. Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
    Clayton & Green
  3. Missouri Is Calling
    Long Brothers
  4. Down a Mountain Trail
    Gene Autry
  5. Living in the Mountains
    Gene Autry
  6. Way Out West in Texas
    Gene Autry

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