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Gene had 1,000 square feet of closet space in his North Hollywood home.

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This Is the Army, Mr. Jones
The Sergeant Gene Autry Show
(January 17, 1943)

When Gene Autry went into the Army Air Forces in 1942 his popular radio show, "Melody Ranch," became the "Sergeant Gene Autry Show." His Sunday, January 17, 1943 program was broadcast live from the Recreation Hall at Luke Field, Arizona. As a member of the United States Army Air Forces, Gene Autry no longer represented Doublemint Gum (his "Melody Ranch" radio show's sponsor), but took part in the radio programs in addition to his regular Army duties and received only his regular Army pay. In order for the public to continue to enjoy Gene's songs and his exciting stories of the Army Air Forces, Doublemint Gum was happy to make the broadcast time available.

Sgt. Autry opened his January 17, 1943 show with the popular Irving Berlin number "This is the Army, Mr. Jones." He is backed by the trio of Eddie Dean, Jimmie Dean, and Dick Reinhart, plus Carl Cotner's Orchestra.

The "Sergeant Gene Autry Show" included comedy, a story, and some swell songs.

Composed by Irving Berlin
Published by This is the Army, Inc.

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