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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene frequently said, "Well, all right, sir," when ending a conversation or while changing a subject.

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When They Sound the Last All Clear
The Sergeant Gene Autry Show
(December 13, 1942)

When Gene Autry went into the Army Air Forces in 1942 his popular radio show, "Melody Ranch," became the "Sergeant Gene Autry Show." His Sunday, December 13, 1942 program was broadcast live from the Army Air Forces Post Theatre at Luke Field, near Phoenix, Arizona where Sgt. Autry was stationed.

His radio show was part of the recreation periods for the soldiers and was part of Sgt. Autry's regular Army duties. He received no compensation for the program other than his regular Army pay.

The "Sergeant Gene Autry Show" included comedy, a story, and some swell songs. As this was during World War II, the program also included public service announcements and recruitment pitches like the one Gene does for the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (W.A.A.C.S.) before he sings "When they Sound the Last All Clear."

Written by Hugh Charles and Elton Louis

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