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White Christmas
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch Radio Show
(December 13, 1953)

Gene Autry beautifully introduces the song "White Christmas" and his performance is accompanied by the Cass County Boys, the Gene Autry Blue Jeans, and Carl Cotner's Melody Ranch Hard-way-Six featuring Alvino Rey. During this time period Gene Autry's Melody Ranch radio show was transcribed which means it was recorded on disc and then sent to the network for a later broadcast. This show was transcribed on December 7, 1953 in Hollywood, California at CBS Studio 2 then broadcast on the full CBS Radio Network on December 13, 1953.

Gene Autry never recorded the song "White Christmas" for commercial release but it was significant enough to him that he performed it on his radio show over a dozen times between 1942 and 1955.

Words and Music by Irving Berlin

© Autry Qualified Interest Trust and The Autry Foundation
© 1940, 1942 Irving Berlin

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