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Fun Autry Fact:

President Richard Nixon was an Angels fan and Gene's guest at many of the California Angels baseball games.

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With a Pack on His Back (and a Girl on His Mind)
The Sergeant Gene Autry Show
(December 20, 1942)

When Gene Autry went into the Army Air Forces in 1942 his popular radio show, "Melody Ranch," became the "Sergeant Gene Autry Show." His Sunday, December 20, 1942 program was broadcast live from the Luke Field Recreation Hall, Phoenix, Arizona.

Sergeant Gene Autry's appearance on the radio was under the supervision of the Army Air Forces. In the interest of supplying information and entertainment to the public, and to acquaint young men of America with the details of life around Army Air Forces flying fields, Sergeant Autry was detailed to bring to the public dramatizations of true stories, from the official records of this splendid fighting organization.

An example of Sgt. Autry providing information and details of military life is the "Allocation Plug" about "Keeping Military Information Secret" that he reads at the beginning of the clip.

Gene Autry is backed by Dick Reinhart, Eddie Dean, and Jimmie Dean plus Carl Cotner's Orchestra for this performance.

Sergeant Autry's participation in this radio program from August 2, 1942 to August 1, 1943 was part of his regular duties in the Army Air Forces and he received no compensation for so doing other than his Sergeant's pay.

Composed by Duke Leonard, Jimmy Dupre, and Curley Mahr
Published by Harry Tenney, Inc.

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