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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene had 1,000 square feet of closet space in his North Hollywood home.


The Melody Ranch Show, KTLA

Gene Autry, 1965.

Beginning in September 1964 and running until the early 1970s, The Melody Ranch Show aired Saturday evenings in Southern California on KTLA. This one-hour color show presented top country talent, elaborate sets, superb productions and directing, and excellent video and audio. The regular stars of the show were handsome and personable Billy Mize, the ever-popular veteran Johnny Bond, Joan de Ville, and Carl Cotner and The Melody Ranchers.

In addition to these regulars, the Melody Ranch format included from one to several guests each week, such as Rex Allen and Hank Penny. Gene Autry himself appeared occasionally. It was later syndicated as Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, cut down to 52 color half-hour programs.

Press Release:

Johnny Bond, Tex Williams, Billy Mize, c. 1965.

Cathie Taylor and
Billy Mize, c. 1965.

Gene and Champ on the set, c. 1965.

Television commercial for
The Melody Ranch Show, 1965.

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