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DVD Box Set Information

The Phantom Empire

June 7, 2011
By Timeless Media Group

Running Time:
Approximately 241 minutes

Radio Ranch is a dude ranch resort owned by Tom Baxter and popular radio entertainer Gene Autry. Twenty-five thousand feet beneath the ranch lies the super-scientific, highly advanced kingdom of Murania which is rich in radium deposits and ruled by the beautiful Queen Tika. Gene's radio contract states that he must broadcast daily from the ranch or he will lose it to a discredited scientist trying to steal the ranch for its radium. The Queen tries to protect her kingdom from the outside world by getting rid of Gene Autry and the Junior Thunder Riders.

Gene Autry's first starring role on film was in the Science Fiction Western 12-part serial The Phantom Empire in 1935. A serial is a continuing story with a cliffhanger ending that is resolved the next week and typically played at a Saturday Matinee along with a Western feature, a newsreel, a 10- or 20-minute musical or a comedy short, and a cartoon. The Phantom Empire is a fantastic adventure with music, comedy and action on the land, in the air and underground in the super-scientific kingdom of Murania. This Timeless Media Group collection is sourced from Gene Autry's personal film archive.

Disc One

  • Chapter One: "The Singing Cowboy"

    (31 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Two: "The Thunder Riders"

    (20 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Three: "The Lightning Chamber"

    (19 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Four: "The Phantom Broadcast"

    (18 minutes)   Stream Now

Disc Two

  • Chapter Five: "Beneath the Earth"

    (20 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Six: "Disaster from the Skies"

    (18 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Seven: "From Death to Life"

    (20 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Eight: "Jaws of Jeopardy"

    (20 minutes)   Stream Now

Disc Three

  • Chapter Nine: "Prisoners of the Ray"

    (18 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Ten: "The Rebellion"

    (19 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Eleven: "A Queen in Chains"

    (19 minutes)   Stream Now
  • Chapter Twelve: "The End of Murania"

    (19 minutes)   Stream Now
Three Slimline DVD Box Set
Actors/Artists: Gene Autry, Radio's Singing Cowboy; Frankie Darro; Betsy King Ross; World's Champion Trick Rider; Smiley Burnette; Dorothy Christy; and Champion
Directors: Otto Brower and Breezy Eason Audio Format: Mono
Screen Format: Full Frame Color: B&W
Original Languages: English Other Languages: None
Region Code: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only) Running Time:
241 minutes
Not Rated

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