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The Essential Gene Autry, 1933-1946

October 6, 1992


The Essential Gene Autry, 1933-1946 is just that: a collection of 18 classic Gene Autry songs recorded for Columbia Records, including "Back in the Saddle Again," "El Rancho Grande," "Deep in the Heart of Texas," and "Mexicali Rose." The liner notes are by historian Charles Wolfe and include photographs and advertisements. This release is a great gateway to Gene Autry's recording history.

Track Listing

  1. The Yellow Rose of Texas (2:53)
    Gene Autry with Jimmy Long
    March 1, 1933. New York, NY
  2. The Last Round-Up (3:20)
    (Billy Hill)
    October 9, 1933. Chicago, IL
    C.620-1, Or 8191
  3. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (3:17)
    (Bob Nolan)
    Gene Autry, Jimmy Long, and Smiley Burnette
    January 11, 1935. New York, NY
    16629-1, Ro 5434
  4. Mexicali Rose (3:08)
    (Helen Stone/Jack Tenney)
    December 24, 1935. Chicago, IL
    C.1194-1, Vo 03097
  5. Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle (3:09) *
    (Teddy Powell/Leonard Whitcup/Walter G. Samuels)
    October 18, 1937. Los Angeles, CA
  6. Back in the Saddle Again (2:37)
    (Gene Autry/Ray Whitley)
    April 18, 1939. Los Angeles, CA
    LA.1865-A, Vo 05080
  7. El Rancho Grande (2:40)
    (Bartley Costello/Silvano R. Ramos)
    March 12, 1940. Los Angeles, CA
    LA.2176-A, Vo 05513
  8. Blueberry Hill (2:37)
    (Al Lewis/Larry Stock/Vincent Rose)
    August 20, 1940. Los Angeles, CA
    LA.2311-A, Ok 05779
  9. The Call of the Canyon (2:35)
    (Billy Hill)
    August 20, 1940. Los Angeles, CA
    LA.2313-B, Ok 05890
  10. You Are My Sunshine (2:25)
    (Jimmy Davis/Charley Mitchell)
    June 18, 1941. Hollywood, CA
    H.315-1, Ok 06294
  11. It Makes No Difference Now (2:44)
    (Floyd Tillman/Jimmy Davis)
    June 18, 1941. Hollywood, CA
    H.316-1, Ok 06294
  12. Amapola (3:06)
    (Joseph Lacalle/Albert Gamse)
    September 26, 1941. Hollywood, CA
    H.520-1, Ok 06435
  13. Maria Elena (3:07)
    (Lorenzo Barcelata)
    September 26, 1941. Hollywood, CA
    H.521-1, Ok 06435
  14. Deep in the Heart of Texas (2:45)
    (June Hershey/Don Swander)
    February 24, 1942. Hollywood, CA
    H.677-1, Ok 06843
  15. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes (2:24)
    (A.P. Carter)
    February 24, 1942. Hollywood, CA
    H.678-1, Ok 06643
  16. (I've Got Spurs That) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle (2:40)
    (Frank Loesser/Joseph Lilley)
    June 10, 1942. Hollywood, CA
    H.831-1, Ok 06690
  17. Ole Faithful (2:44) *
    (Joseph Hamilton Kennedy/Michael Carr)
    June 5, 1946. Hollywood, CA
  18. Red River Valley (2:32)
    August 30, 1946. Hollywood, CA
    HCO.1990-1, Co 20085

* Previously unissued alternate take.

Notes & Background Information

All tracks are monaural.

Compilation Producer: Michael Brooks
Project Direction: Gary Pacheco and Rich Bauer
Digital Remastering: Larry Keys, Sony Music Studios, New York
Art Direction: Bill Johnson and Rollow Welch
Design: Morris and Assoc.
Notes: Charles Wolfe
Package Coordination: Suzy Ward
Project Coordination by: Jackie Straka
Cover Photo: Courtesy of the Country Music Foundation

©1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./(P)1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Manufactured by Columbia Records/666 Fifth Ave., P.O. Box 4455/WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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