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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene's television production schedule called for him to shoot two episodes of his half-hour television series at the same time.

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Born in 1907, Gene Autry became a radio and recording star until, after appearing in the 12 episode serial The Phantom Empire in 1934, he was signed by Republic Studios as the screen's first singing cowboy. Gene's 93 movies made him America's Favorite Cowboy until 1953, and he is the only entertainer with five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - one each for radio, records, movies, television and live theatrical (including rodeo) appearances. Here are 10 of Gene's most popular early films.

Individual Movie Synopses:

Man From Music Mountain (1938)

When a crooked developing company fools people into buying land in an area with no electricity, Gene Autry must find a way to con the company into buying the land back and prevent any other newcomers from being swindled. This film contains the sensational musical number Love, Burning Love.

Running Time: 58 Minutes
Not Restored

Oh, Susanna! (1936)

Escaped murderer Wolf Benson pushes Gene Autry from a train. Believing he is dead, Wolf plans to disguise himself as Gene to steal the $10,000 Gene was on his way to collect.

Running Time: 59 minutes
Not Restored

The Old Barn Dance (1938)

Gene Autry is a respected horse trader that is pursued by a large tractor company to promote their tractors. When local farmers believe that Gene is endorsing the product, sales dramatically increase. Faced with letters of repossession if payment is not made on the tractors, the farmers immediately go after Gene. Can he save the farmers' money and his reputation?

Running Time: 60 minutes
Not Restored

The Old Corral (1936)

Upon witnessing the murder of nightclub owner Tony Pearl by gangster Mike Scarlotti, Blues singer Eleanor Spencer fears for her safety and heads West. Crooked saloon owner Martin Simms recognizes her from a photo in the papers and befriends her, hoping to collect a reward by turning her in to Scarlotti. Sheriff Gene Autry also recognizes her, but is it too late? How can he save her from Scarlotti and his men?

Running Time: 56 minutes
Not Restored

Public Cowboy No. 1 (1937)

Deputy Gene Autry tries to stop a sophisticated band of cattle rustlers but runs into trouble as they are using radios, airplanes, and refrigerated trucks to get away with their schemes.

Running Time: 61 minutes
Not Restored

Red River Valley (1936)

Gene Autry exposes the saboteurs of a vital irrigation project. Classic Gene Autry... a must for all Gene Autry fans.

Running Time: 54 minutes
Not Restored

Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm (1937)

Gene Autry and his pal Frog are mistaken for outlaws when they pursue real bandits who have stolen a payroll. Gene sings one of his biggest hits, Mexicali Rose.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Not Restored

Round-Up Time in Texas (1937)

The African jungle is an unusual setting for Gene Autry as he and his cowboy friends try to deliver a herd of horses to Gene's brother's diamond mine in South Africa. Great entertainment for all western fans.

Running Time: 58 minutes
Not Restored

Springtime in the Rockies (1937)

When cattle-ranch foreman Gene Autry hears that a load of sheep is being brought to his ranch by new ranch owner Polly Rowles, he must convince her to sell them as they will ruin the land. She refuses, leaving him to deal with the hot-headed neighboring ranchers and... oh yes... they fall in love. A highly enjoyable western film about cattlemen and sheepherders with lots of dancing, singing, and romance.

Running Time: 60 minutes
Not Restored

Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge (1937)

Gene Autry finds himself caught in the middle of a feud between the cattlemen and the woodsmen of Pine Ridge. He must choose between his father, a cattleman, and Milly Baynum, the stepdaughter of the leader of the woodsmen. Great fun!

Running Time: 60 minutes
Not Restored

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