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Tex Williams and His Western Caravan Song Folio

Originally Released:

November 2008

This song book of Capitol Recording Artists Tex Williams and his Western Caravan was released by Gene Autry's music publishing company Golden West Melodies in 1947. The cover has a large photo of Tex Williams and a smaller photo of his Western Caravan. In addition to the sheet music, this song book has a brief autobiography of Tex Williams and several pages of "doublespread pictures" in black and white of Tex Williams and his Western Caravan.

Limited Supply Available

Sheet Music for the Following Songs

  1. The Leaf of Love
  2. Tho' I Tried (I Can't Forget You)
  3. Please Handle with Care
  4. Hurry, Don't Delay
  5. How I Cried
  6. When Your Lies Come A-Tumblin' Down on Me
  7. Your Eyes Tell Me Lies
  8. What It Means to Be Blue
  9. Love Brought Troubles Down on Me
  10. Stompin' At the Stampede
  11. There's No Use in Dreaming
  12. Tell Me Why
  13. Goodnight, Prairie Sweetheart
  14. If You're Cryin' (Don't Blame Me)
  15. There's a Tear in Your Eye, Carolina
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