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Fun Autry Fact:

Gene tried to play the saxophone when he was a youngster. He finally gave up and turned successfully to the guitar.

The Gene Autry Show

Head for Texas

Flying A Pictures
Season 1, Episode 1 (1-01)
Production #2
Network: CBS
Running Time: 30 minutes
Black and White

Original Air Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1950

Sponsor: Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum

Brief Synopsis:

Gene returns from a trip, only to find that his boss’s new ranch hands are really rustlers in disguise. When the thieves re-brand the herd and frame him, Gene enlists an ex-jockey friend to help catch the crooks.

Detailed Synopsis:

On his way home from a trip, Gene Autry meets Billy Stone, a jockey barred from the track looking for work. He accompanies Gene on the journey, and they pass the sheriff stranded in his car and promise to send help. Back at his boss's ranch, Gene finds that new ranch hands are really rustlers in disguise and have wormed their way into the good graces of his boss, beautiful Sandy Dawson. The crooks plan to re-brand her cattle and switch bills of sale, planting the evidence on Gene. On the trail, Billy accidentally finds the stolen cattle with the evidence. When the sheriff and Gene show up, Billy assumes the blame to save Gene. He makes a break for the ranch, searches the bunkhouse, and finds money and bills of sale for the cattle in the ranch hand's belongings. Gene and Billy conquer the outlaws after a terrific fight and chase. The sheriff then tells Billy that he was framed and is now free to return to the track, but Billy decides to stay in Texas.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Pat Jensen Pat Buttram
Sandy Dawson Barbara Stanley
"Baldy Carter" Ben Weldon
Rod Benton George J. Lewis
Lou Phelps House Peters, Jr.
Sheriff Connors Ray Bennett
Billy Stone Jim Frasher
Champion Champion, World's
Wonder Horse


Sing Me a Song of the Saddle Gene Autry


Executive Producer Armand Schaefer
Associate Producer Louis Gray
Directed by Frank McDonald
Screenplay by Dwight Cummins
Director of Photography William Bradford
Film Editor Jodie Copelan
Musical Director Carl Cotner
Recorded by Glen Glenn Sound Company

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