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Fun Autry Fact:

According to a 1948 Life magazine article, "if [Gene's records] were all shipped to one place, [they] would make up a freight train solid with Western songs and be more than a mile long."

DVD Box Set Information

The Complete Television Series: The Gene Autry Show Seasons One through Five

December 10, 2013
By Timeless Media Group

1950 – 1955
Running Time:
Approximately 2,864 Minutes (47 Hours)

91 Episodes
76 in B&W and 15 in Color

Fully Restored and Uncut

Gene Autry's landmark 1950s television series The Gene Autry Show is now available in one complete DVD collection.

This fifteen disc DVD box set includes all five seasons of the fully restored and uncut episodes from Gene Autry's personal film and television archive. The ninety-one episodes from this classic Western television series includes Gene Autry's trademark music, comedy and action. The series features a wide range of guest stars including Gail Davis, Denver Pyle, Shelia Ryan, Clayton Moore, Donna Martell, Alan Hale Jr., Elaine Riley, Harry Lauter, William Fawcett, Gloria Winter, Lee Van Cleef, Lyle Talbot, Chill Wills, John Doucette, Fuizzy Knight, the Cass County Boys , and Dick Jones.

In addition, an exclusive bonus disc includes classic episodes from the Western television series produced by Gene Autry's Flying A Pictures: The Range Rider, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Jr. and The Adventures of Champion.

The Gene Autry Show Season One

Disc One

Show Title Episode Air Date
Head for Texas 1-01 07/23/1950
Gold Dust Charlie 1-02 07/30/1950
Silver Arrow, The 1-03 08/06/1950
Doodle Bug, The 1-04 08/13/1950
Star Toter, The 1-05 08/20/1950
Double Switch, The 1-06 08/27/1950

Disc Two

Show Title Episode Air Date
Blackwater Valley Feud 1-07 09/03/1950
Doublecross Valley 1-08 09/10/1950
Posse, The 1-09 09/17/1950
Devil's Brand, The 1-10 09/24/1950
Six-Shooter Sweepstakes 1-11 10/01/1950
Poisoned Waterhole, The 1-12 10/08/1950

Disc Three

Show Title Episode Air Date
Lost Chance, The 1-13 10/15/1950
Black Rider, The 1-14 10/22/1950
Gun Powder Range 1-15 10/29/1950
Breakup, The 1-16 11/05/1950
Twisted Trails 1-17 11/12/1950
Fight At Peaceful Mesa, The 1-18 11/19/1950

Disc Four

Show Title Episode Air Date
Hot Lead 1-19 11/26/1950
Gray Dude, The 1-20 12/03/1950
Killer Horse, The 1-21 12/10/1950
Peacemaker, The 1-22 12/17/1950
Sheriff Of Santa Rosa, The 1-23 12/24/1950
T.N.T. 1-24 12/31/1950
Raiders, The (Color) 1-25 04/14/1951
Double Barreled Vengeance (Color) 1-26 04/21/1951

Bonus Features:

The Gene Autry Show Season Two

Disc One

Show Title Episode Air Date
Ghost Town Raiders 2-01 10/06/1951
Frontier Guard 2-02 10/13/1951
Silver Dollars 2-03 10/20/1951
Killer's Trail 2-04 10/27/1951
Frame For Trouble 2-05 11/03/1951
Warning! Danger! 2-06 11/10/1951
Revenge Trail 2-07 11/17/1951

Disc Two

Show Title Episode Air Date
The Bandits of Boulder Bluff 2-08 11/24/1951
Outlaw Escape 2-09 12/01/1951
The Kid Comes West 2-10 12/08/1951
Return of Maverick Dan 2-11 12/15/1951
Galloping Hoofs 2-12 12/22/1951
Heir to the Lazy L 2-13 12/29/1951

Disc Three

Show Title Episode Air Date
Melody Mesa 2-14 01/04/1952
Horse Sense 2-15 01/11/1952
Rock River Feud 2-16 01/18/1952
The Lawless Press 2-17 01/25/1952
The Western Way 2-18 02/01/1952
The Ruthless Renegade 2-19 02/08/1952
Hot Lead and Old Lace 2-20 02/15/1952

Disc Four

Show Title Episode Air Date
Blazeaway 2-21 02/22/1952
Bullets and Bows 2-22 03/02/1952
Trouble at Silver Creek 2-23 03/09/1952
Six Gun Romeo 2-24 03/16/1952
The Sheriff Is a Lady 2-25 03/23/1952
The Trail of the Witch 2-26 03/30/1952

Bonus Features:

The Gene Autry Show Seasons Three & Four

Disc One – Season Three

Show Title Episode Air Date
Thunder Out West 3-01 07/14/1953
Outlaw Stage 3-02 07/21/1953
Ghost Mountain 3-03 07/28/1953
The Old Prospector 3-04 08/04/1953
Narrow Escape 3-05 08/11/1953
Border Justice 3-06 08/18/1953
Gypsy Wagon 3-07 08/25/1953

Disc Two – Season Three

Show Title Episode Air Date
The Bandidos 3-08 09/01/1953
Dry Gulch At Devil's Elbow 3-09 09/08/1953
Cold Decked 3-10 09/15/1953
The Steel Ribbon 3-11 09/22/1953
Rio Renegades 3-12 09/29/1953
Ransom Cross 3-13 10/06/1953

Disc Three – Season Four

Show Title Episode Air Date
Santa Fe Raiders 4-01 07/06/1954
Johnny Jackaroo 4-02 07/13/1954
Holdup 4-03 07/20/1954
Prize Winner 4-04 07/27/1954
The Sharpshooter 4-05 08/03/1954
Talking Guns 4-06 08/10/1954
Hoodoo Canyon 4-07 08/17/1954

Disc Four – Season Four

Show Title Episode Air Date
The Carnival Comes West 4-08 08/24/1954
Battle Axe 4-09 08/31/1954
Outlaw Of Blue Mesa 4-10 09/07/1954
Civil War At Deadwood 4-11 09/14/1954
Boots and Ballots 4-12 09/25/1954
Outlaw Warning 4-13 10/02/1954

Bonus Features:

The Gene Autry Show Season Five

Disc One

Show Title Episode Air Date
Million Dollar Fiddle 5-01 10/01/1955
The Stage to San Dimas 5-02 10/08/1955
The Portrait of White Cloud 5-03 10/15/1955
Law Comes to Scorpion 5-04 10/22/1955
The Golden Chariot 5-05 10/05/1955
Guns Below the Border 5-06 11/12/1955

Disc Two

Show Title Episode Air Date
Ghost Ranch 5-07 11/12/1955
Go West, Young Lady 5-08 11/19/1955
Feuding Friends 5-09 11/26/1955
Saddle Up 5-10 12/03/1955
Ride Ranchero 5-11 12/10/1955
The Rangerette 5-12 12/17/1955
Dynamite 5-13 12/24/1955

Bonus Features:

BONUS DISC: Flying A Pictures Television Series

Gene Autry was the first major movie star to produce and star in a weekly series for TV. His venture into television led to the creation of a new company, Flying A Pictures. It successfully produced five half-hour wholesome Westerns that American boys and girls, and their parents, loved. The Gene Autry Show debuted on July 23, 1950 and Flying A Pictures followed that success with additional popular 1950s Western television series: Annie Oakley, The Range Rider, Buffalo Bill Jr., and The Adventures of Champion. Western movie fans and film historians have credited Gene Autry with setting the precedent for the popularity of the Western on television; indeed, over two dozen TV Western series would follow Gene's lead in the 1950s and 1960s.

This exclusive Bonus Disc highlights two episodes from each of the Flying A Pictures television series.

Special thanks to movie and television Western author and historian Boyd Magers for his research assistance with Flying A Pictures television episodes.

Fifteen-Disc DVD Box Set
Audio Format: Mono Screen Format: Full Frame
Color: B&W and Color Original Languages: English
Other Languages: None Region Code: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Running Time:
2,864 Minutes (47 Hours)
Not Rated
Closed Captioned

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