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Fun Autry Fact:

According to a 1948 Life magazine article, "if [Gene's records] were all shipped to one place, [they] would make up a freight train solid with Western songs and be more than a mile long."

The Gene Autry Show


Flying A Pictures
Season 5, Episode 13 (5-13)
Production #88
Network: CBS
Running Time: 30 minutes

Original Air Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1955

Sponsor: Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum

Brief Synopsis:

An empty stagecoach prompts Gene to investigate a recent mine disaster.

Detailed Synopsis:

Gene Autry and Pat Buttram stop a runaway stage only to find it empty! They locate the wounded driver, who says that his one passenger, Driscoll, is missing. Driscoll shows up at the sheriff’s office, claims his luggage, and says that he knows nothing. The trail leads to Ben’s general store, where Gene catches Driscoll breaking in. He reveals to Gene that he is an undercover detective working for a Colorado mining company trying to catch a fugitive mining engineer who caused a fatal explosion. Suspicious of Ben’s explosives’ knowledge, Pat trails him and strange gunmen to a mine, where a caved in side tunnel traps him. Guided by Pat’s runaway horse, Gene tracks Pat to the mine and tries to free him. Ben, faced with letting Pat die, admits he is the missing mining engineer and sets about saving Pat’s life, using a dynamite charge. Ben claims he is innocent and, by saving Pat’s life under identical circumstances, proves it. The gunmen, who were blackmailing Ben, attack, but Gene outshoots and captures them.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Pat Buttram Pat Buttram
Ben Francis McDonald
Deborah Sally Fraser
McCann Glenn Strange
Sheriff Harry Harvey, Sr.
Driscoll Robert Bice
Garson John Boutwell
Stage Driver Bob Woodward
Musical Group The Cass County Boys
Champion Champion, World’s
Wonder Horse


Sierra Nevada Gene Autry
Trail to Mexico The Cass County Boys


Executive in charge
of Production
Armand Schaefer
Directed by George Archainbaud
Teleplay by Maurice Geraghty
Producer Louis Gray
Director of Photography William Bradford, A.S.C.
Supervising Film Editor Anthony Wollner
Film Editor Bruce B. Pierce, A.C.E.
Musical Director Carl Cotner
Music Supervisor Irving Friedman
Musical Score Walter Greene
Music Editor Erma E. Levin
Assistant Director Stanley Neufeld
Recorded by Glen Glenn Sound Company