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Fun Autry Fact:

In the late 1930s, Gene turned down an offer of $3,000 to endorse a brand of cigarette.

The Gene Autry Show

The Trail of the Witch

Flying A Pictures
Season 2, Episode 26 (2-26)
Production #52
Network: CBS
Running Time: 30 minutes
Black and White

Original Air Date:
Sunday, March 30, 1952

Sponsor: Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum

Brief Synopsis:

Gene and Pat are called in by a young sheriff to help stop a series of mine shipment robberies by an unknown gang. The trail leads to a witch-like recluse's cabin.

Detailed Synopsis:

Three masked men rob a stagecoach carrying gold and kill the two drivers. The townsfolk of Dog-Leg, up in arms over this robbery, the fourth in a matter of months, confront Sheriff Ned Rich about his plans to stop them. The sheriff tells them that he's written to Gene Autry for help, which more than satisfies everyone. Once he receives the sheriff's telegram, Gene springs to action, accompanied by a reluctant Pat Buttram. On their way to town, Gene and Pat are ambushed by two men, resulting in a spectacular fight. They capture and tie up one of them, Breed, and then follow the tracks of the other man, which lead to a deserted mine cabin inhabited by Mag, an eccentric, witch-like recluse. Gene investigates the inside of her house, finds nothing, and warns her about the outlaw on the loose. As soon as he leaves, she moves one of her cabinets, revealing a secret tunnel where the other outlaw, Jigger, is hiding. Mag is really the leader of the two outlaws, but answers to an even bigger boss. Meanwhile, Gene and Pat finally make their way into town, bringing their prisoner. Deputy Marvin Green tells them that Breed is the first break in the case. Once Gene and Pat leave, however, Green reveals himself to be the big boss when he scolds Breed. Gene, Pat, and the sheriff discuss the case and determine that the bandits know about the shipments in advance and so hatch a plan to fool them. Gene and Pat take the next load of gold in a wagon, while the sheriff takes Breed out of jail to meet Gene and Pat out of town. They have Breed drive the gold shipment instead, hoping he will talk because his life is in danger as the driver. He does not talk, so the sheriff and Gene have him pretend to be Gene by wearing Gene's hat, and they put a dummy of Pat on the seat next to him. Gene and the sheriff then hide in the bed of the wagon, hoping to surprise the robbers. Green, hiding in the rocks above the scene, hears everything and is able to warn his two henchmen. Instead, the outlaws surprise Gene and the sheriff, taking them prisoner. Green reveals himself as the leader, and they head to Mag's. They are about to be killed when Pat, snooping around outside, falls through the roof of the cabin, knocking out one of the outlaws and giving Gene and the sheriff their chance to fight it out and overcome the deputy and his henchmen.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Pat Buttram Pat Buttram
Mag Almira Sessions
Breed Steve Conte
Judge George Pembroke
Marvin Green Leonard Penn
Snake-Eye Tom Tyler
Sheriff Ned Rich Bill George
Jay Elston Francis McDonald
Jigger Craig Woods
Champion Champion, World's
Wonder Horse


None None


Executive in charge
of Production
Armand Schaefer
Directed by George Archainbaud
Producer Louis Gray
Screenplay Joe Richardson
Director of Photography William Bradford, A.S.C.
Film Editor Anthony Wollner
Musical Director Carl Cotner
Music Supervisor Irving Friedman
Musical Score Walter Greene
Assistant Director Stanley Neufeld
Recorded by Glen Glenn Sound Company