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Rock River Feud

Flying A Pictures
Season 2, Episode 16 (2-16)
Production #42
Network: CBS
Running Time: 30 minutes
Black and White

Original Air Date:
Friday, January 18, 1952

Sponsor: Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum

Brief Synopsis:
When Pat inherits a stage line from a distant relative, he and Gene become involved in a long-standing feud along with Pat’s relatives.

Detailed Synopsis:
Pat Buttram inherits a stage line and a Wells Fargo contract from a little known relative in Rock River. He loads his belongings into a wagon and starts west. Gene Autry follows a few days later on horseback. Taking a short cut, Gene finds Bonnie, a crippled child, whose father is away. While talking to her, Gene hears gunshots that belong to a masked horseman ambushing Pat. Gene arrives just in time and then escorts Pat the rest of the way to Rock River. There, Gene learns of a long-standing feud between the Buttrams and the Fords. Bonnie is a victim of that feud, as her uncle Jim Ford is in jail for shooting Pat's relative, Terry Buttram, and the hunt is on for her father Lafe. Gene discovers that someone is masquerading as Lafe. Big Mike, the café owner, wants the stage line, so he and Sam Luce have been posing as the Fords. They ambush the stage, open fire, and apparently kill Pat. However, when the heavies close in, Pat comes to life. In addition, Gene is hiding in the stage. Together, he and Pat bring Big Mike and Sam to justice. Lafe and Bonnie head east with a distinguished doctor, and the feud is a thing of the past.


Character: Performer:
Gene Autry Gene Autry
Pat Buttram Pat Buttram
Bonnie Ford Sherry Jackson
Jim Ford William Fawcett
Lafe Ford Steve Pendleton
Sam Keith Richards
Big Mike Craig Woods
Terry Sandy Sanders
Champion Champion, World's
Wonder Horse


The Yellow Rose of Texas
(Exact same footage and performance as episode #56, "Cold Decked")
Gene Autry


Executive in charge
of Production
Armand Schaefer
Directed by George Archainbaud
Producer Louis Gray
Screenplay Earle Snell
Director of Photography William Bradford, A.S.C.
Film Editor Jodie Copelan
Musical Director Carl Cotner
Music Supervisor Irving Friedman
Musical Score Walter Greene
Assistant Director Stanley Neufeld
Recorded by Glen Glenn Sound Company

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