The Official Website of Gene Autry, America's Favorite Singing Cowboy

Fun Autry Fact:

Gene was a compulsive gatherer of information and read three to four papers every day.


Out of the Past, Into the Present

In the 1980s and 1990s, fans requested The Gene Autry Show return to the small screen, and finally, in 2000, their wish was granted. Gene Autry Entertainment hired RPG Productions, Inc., the same fine folks who restore Gene's feature films, for the job. Like the movies, the television episodes were restored from their original 35mm and 16mm film elements from the Autry Film Vault. In addition, each episode was closed-captioned. The restoration of all 91 episodes, 15 of which are in color, was made possible in part through the financial assistance of the Westerns Channel, part of the Starz Encore Group. The Autry Museum's Research and Collection departments were also an essential part of the restoration process by providing scripts, production documents, and photographs.

Pat Buttram

Gene Autry

Gail Davis

From 2000 to 2010, all five seasons of The Gene Autry Show aired once again on television fully restored and uncut, but this time via satellite on Starz Encore’s Western Channel. In 2011 Gene Autry Entertainment partnered with Timeless Media Group to release The Gene Autry Show in DVD box sets by season. Detailed pages for all 91 episodes – containing a story synopsis, cast, crew, and song lists, plus original press releases – are posted here on the official Gene Autry website.

Then on May 1, 2020, Gene Autry was back in the saddle again, but this time streaming for the first time ever with the launch of the Gene Autry film and television library on Shout!Factory TV. The streaming service released batches of Gene's musical Western films over the year and then in December 2020 Shout!Factory TV began streaming all five seasons of The Gene Autry Show television series.

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Shout! Factory TV rebranded to Shout!TV in July 2023. They provide an immersive, high-quality viewing experience across a wide variety of platforms. The Gene Autry film and television archive is available for streaming on demand across Shout! TV platforms online at, on smartphone devices, tablets and connected TV, and via apps on the Roku player, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Shout! TV is also available as a branded channel on Amazon Prime Channels, Comcast Xfinity, Pluto TV, Roku Premium Subscriptions, Samsung TV Plus, Tubi, and Twitch, among others.

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