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Gene collected poems and jokes.

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Reviews for the
Gene Autry Biography

Updated September 24, 2007

The official Gene Autry biography is receiving glowing reviews! We thought you'd like to read what the reviewers had to say about the book Public Cowboy No.1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry and its author Holly George-Warren. As new reviews become available, we will post them here.

September 24. 2007

"Holly George-Warren of Phoenicia, who wrote a book about Gene Autry, recently gained a fresh perspective on how this singing cowboy touched people's lives." Read

Palm Beach Post
July 1, 2007

"... now we have Holly George-Warren's very valuable biography ... which conclusively proves that that round, little cowboy was considerably more interesting than he appeared." Read

McClathy-Tribune News Services
June 12, 2007

"Thanks to George-Warren's exhaustive research, it is the most detailed and honest portrait ever done on Autry and, certainly, ranks among the best biographies written about a movie star." Read

HARP Magazine
June 4, 2007

"...The country's infatuation with the myth of the Old West eventually died down, but Gene Autry's legend still rides tall. Public Cowboy No. 1 will likely stand as the definitive account of his life and work." Read

The Virginian-Pilot
June 3, 2007

"Western aficionado Holly George-Warren provides an engaging, meticulously researched portrait of an American phenomenon with 'Public Cowboy No. 1: The Life and Times of Gene Autry'" Read

Leonard Maltin
June 3, 2007

"This vivid, detailed chronicle of Gene Autry's life and career is a pleasure to read. George-Warren has done her homework, and presents a straightforward, honest portrait of the man who conquered virtually every medium of show business." Read

Memphis Commercial Appeal
June 3, 2007

"If Wayne is better-remembered today and perhaps taken more seriously because of such critically validated adult Westerns as 'The Searchers,' Autry is arguably the more influential figure due to his status as one of the first multimedia superstars of the 20th Century." Read

The Dallas Morning News
May 27, 2007

A movie producer once explained the secret of his success: "Gene does what he does, and that's all he can do, and that's what they like." Read Review
May 10, 2007

"This handsome biography could never hope to cover everything in such an industrious life, and some of the material that is missing has been judiciously excised for purely logistical, editorial reasons." Read

Publishers Weekly
April 30, 2007

"In this enjoyable, thoroughly researched volume, author and pop culture commentator George-Warren (Cowboy!) details the life and work of Gene Autry..." Read

The Jackson Sun
April 22, 2007

"'s a good read for those of us who rode with Gene and Roy in our happy dreams of youth." Read's Nashville Skyline
April 19, 2007

" stands very well on its own merits. The book is well-researched and written with a careful eye to history and a keen appreciation of music." Read

Los Angeles Times
April 8, 2007

"Autry deserves to be regarded as an important American figure—certainly a significant one in the history of Los Angeles—though no one but the rubes paid him more than the slightest heed." Read

The Tennesean
April 8, 2007

"Public Cowboy No. 1 increases our understanding of the American cowboy myth, perpetuated by those movies known as westerns." Read

New York Times
April 6, 2007

"... Her Autry is externalized, but her research is deep and impeccable. Every celebrity could use a biographer like Ms. George-Warren." Read

Investor's Business Daily
April 3, 2007

"Gene Autry felt a sense of responsibility to his millions of kid fans. That's why he felt it important always to set a good example of clean living." Read

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