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Of Course It Is Not Too Early for
Gene Autry Christmas Music!

Posted November 16, 2015

Folks today like to complain that Christmas music is played too early and it never used to be like that years ago. Well, Gene Autry Entertainment wants you to know that America's Favorite Singing Cowboy was performing Christmas music on his radio show before Thanksgiving and even before Halloween as far back as the 1940s! Yes, it is true. Gene would include a Christmas song on his radio shows among his Western tunes in October and November and audiences didn't complain. Here are a few examples:

Over the years, Gene did debut several Christmas song on his radio show in the months of October and November. He may have done that to generate record sales and give a song time to become popular when December rolled around. Whatever the reason, his holiday hits remain popular today.

Check out our Gene Autry Official YouTube Channel for more Christmas songs from his radio show here.

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