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Champion, World's Wonder Horse

Champion Jr. (b. circa 1942 – d. 1977)

  • Sorrel-colored with flaxen mane and tail
  • 4 high white stockings
  • Narrow blaze ending in a snip on his nose
  • Eventually gelded
  • Appeared in films and made personal appearances
  • Second "official" screen Champion
  • Debuted in Sioux City Sue (1946). Billed as "Champion" in Sioux City Sue and Trail to San Antone (1947). This same horse was billed as "Champion Jr." in Twilight on the Rio Grande (1947), Saddle Pals (1947), and Robin Hood of Texas (1947). He's permanently back to "Champion" in The Last Round-Up (1947).
  • While onscreen with Republic billed as "Wonder Horse of the West;" at Columbia known as "World's Wonder Horse"
  • Highlights: more highly trained than Original Champion; danced well and performed an impressive array of tricks; appeared at Madison Square Garden in 1946

Research assistance provided by author Petrine Mitchum.

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